Sad Decision

My friend has just had to make the very sad decision to give up her dog. Sally’s dog is called Molly and Molly has been part of the family for eight years but the family are emigrating to America and they can’t take Molly with them.

The family have decided that they must do the right thing for Molly and hand her into a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue where they will find her another loving family. The rescue works very hard at re-homing the dogs that are taken under their wing.

Molly will be greatly missed but it is for the best that she goes to the rescue. The alternative would have been to take her to a council dog pound but that would not have been a very nice thing to do because they are very lonely places and if no-one decides to adopt the dogs, many of them are put to sleep.

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Do Your Research

Owning and operating a new business today isn’t easy. There people who think, it is, and they don’t do the research they need to, in order to start their business. In fact, a large percentage of operating a valid business is doing excellent research or having someone else do it for you. This is one of the biggest reasons most businesses fail in the first two years.

There is a lot more to research than just the location of where you are planing to operate your businesses. There is reaching the product and/or service, you plan on selling. The costs and there are so many things out there that businesses needs. The average person sometimes overlooks the little things; like you will at least need to talk to a lawyer at some point.

Don’t get too caught up in your research that you forget the simple things like ordering business cards.

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Renovation of an Indoor Outhouse

The main bathroom in my house is a giant mess. So much time has been spent over the years cleaning the shower enclosure, along with the sink and the toilet, that little attention has been paid to the fact that water has leaked behind the enclosure wall,the pipe under the sink and behind the toilet. Let’s just say, this is one of the wettest Bolton bathrooms wet rooms I have.

In this bathroom, which I fondly call my indoor outhouse, there is no window. There is a ventilation fan, which is basically just there for show, because it does less than nothing. So I have decided to add one window, on top of the shower enclosure, to help me rid my bathroom of excess moisture. I have also decided to repaint the bathroom with mildew resistant paint so the smell of dampness, moisture, and rot can take a hopefully permanent vacation.

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Incontinence Doesn’t have to Limit your Life

Getting older is not easy and in some cases can bring on problems that are debilitating and frustrating. For instance, if you find that you are becoming incontinent, you may be limiting yourself to certain social functions and it may be affecting your sleeping and daily activities you normally perform such as gardening, shopping or visiting with friends and family.

Searching for a bathroom in a hurried way in a place you are not familiar with, can be nerve-wracking and can cause you a gret deal of mental distress. However, there are a variety of incontinence pads, also known as adult nappies, that can take away that fear and anxiety and can allow you to get back to your normal daily activities and enjoy life again.

So, don’t let incontinence get you down. Check out the many fine incontinence pads and live life again!

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NaCl the Halite of My Life

I suppose my fascination with NaCl began in freshman geology. I took this class because the TA was a hunk. But it was a hunk of NaCl, commonly known as Halite, that became my true love. This beauty comes in many shades but it is the milky white crystals that I love. These beauties pile on top of one another like natural Legos. But they also cover parts of the Death Valley like a fine dusting of snow.

Speaking of snow, Halite is a natural for snow. Commercially it is used to depress the freezing point of water. By lowering the freezing point of water Halite can be used to melt the dangerous ice and snow from steps, sidewalks, driveways and roads. If you have ever been behind a snow removal truck spraying water on a highway not yet covered by impeding snow you have seen the commercial use of Halite. This solution, similar to seawater, raises the freezing temperature before the fall of snow or ice keeping roads safer for drivers.
So the next time you see a humble box of rock salt on a store shelf think of it as the Halite of your life.

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Counting Customers

The company needed new decorations for the exterior of the business. The drab colors and designs were old, and customers were beginning to complain about the appearance being boring. The manager thought of a great idea, but the company would need to buy stone in order to pull it off. Each customer would write a message on a rock, and the rocks would be placed around the outside of the building. When customers shopped at the store, they would see the creation and know that they had a hand in making it. When customers were checked out, they were given a rock and a marker. Each rock was placed in a certain area until the design was completed. Two years later, the decorations are still at the store, and more rocks are being added each day.

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Adam Fears: Awesome Country Music

One day, as I was going through Pandora to find any new Country singers, I stumbled upon an artist I’d never heard of. This gentleman, who goes by the name Adam Fears, has produced a wonderful country album in golden gravel road.

Fears’ sound and rhythm are very similar to some of my other favorite Country musicians, such as The John King Band or Clark Manson. Although the album contains 10 tracks in total, with one of them being titular to the album itself, I’d say that my all-time favorite among them would have to be “Middle of Nowhere.” Next to that song, I’d say that both “Geronimo & Jesus” and “Summer on Fire” are neck-and-neck for the title of “second favorite track.”

It turns out that this is Fears’ first album, released back around November or December last year. Fears’ music is produced by way of LandStar Entertainment.

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Love at First Sight

She never believed in Love at first sight or soul mates until Joan meet the man of her dreams. She was at the park bench just catching her breathe and doing a few leg stretches. She backed up and accidentally bumped into Max who was riding a bike. He was just a little taller than her, bright blue eyes, physical fit and a brunette. Joan was a bit embarrassed and excused herself for being clumsy.

Joan was looking forward to her morning jog hoping to get another glance at Max. Many weeks followed, Joan and Max began talking about keeping fit. Then one summer day Max asked her out. This was actually a date. Max was picking her up at six o’clock sharp for reservations at one of the fine restaurants downtown. Every time they would see one another fireworks went off. This was three years ago when they had wedding fireworks.

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