NaCl the Halite of My Life

I suppose my fascination with NaCl began in freshman geology. I took this class because the TA was a hunk. But it was a hunk of NaCl, commonly known as Halite, that became my true love. This beauty comes in many shades but it is the milky white crystals that I love. These beauties pile on top of one another like natural Legos. But they also cover parts of the Death Valley like a fine dusting of snow.

Speaking of snow, Halite is a natural for snow. Commercially it is used to depress the freezing point of water. By lowering the freezing point of water Halite can be used to melt the dangerous ice and snow from steps, sidewalks, driveways and roads. If you have ever been behind a snow removal truck spraying water on a highway not yet covered by impeding snow you have seen the commercial use of Halite. This solution, similar to seawater, raises the freezing temperature before the fall of snow or ice keeping roads safer for drivers.
So the next time you see a humble box of rock salt on a store shelf think of it as the Halite of your life.

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Counting Customers

The company needed new decorations for the exterior of the business. The drab colors and designs were old, and customers were beginning to complain about the appearance being boring. The manager thought of a great idea, but the company would need to buy stone in order to pull it off. Each customer would write a message on a rock, and the rocks would be placed around the outside of the building. When customers shopped at the store, they would see the creation and know that they had a hand in making it. When customers were checked out, they were given a rock and a marker. Each rock was placed in a certain area until the design was completed. Two years later, the decorations are still at the store, and more rocks are being added each day.

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Adam Fears: Awesome Country Music

One day, as I was going through Pandora to find any new Country singers, I stumbled upon an artist I’d never heard of. This gentleman, who goes by the name Adam Fears, has produced a wonderful country album in golden gravel road.

Fears’ sound and rhythm are very similar to some of my other favorite Country musicians, such as The John King Band or Clark Manson. Although the album contains 10 tracks in total, with one of them being titular to the album itself, I’d say that my all-time favorite among them would have to be “Middle of Nowhere.” Next to that song, I’d say that both “Geronimo & Jesus” and “Summer on Fire” are neck-and-neck for the title of “second favorite track.”

It turns out that this is Fears’ first album, released back around November or December last year. Fears’ music is produced by way of LandStar Entertainment.

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Love at First Sight

She never believed in Love at first sight or soul mates until Joan meet the man of her dreams. She was at the park bench just catching her breathe and doing a few leg stretches. She backed up and accidentally bumped into Max who was riding a bike. He was just a little taller than her, bright blue eyes, physical fit and a brunette. Joan was a bit embarrassed and excused herself for being clumsy.

Joan was looking forward to her morning jog hoping to get another glance at Max. Many weeks followed, Joan and Max began talking about keeping fit. Then one summer day Max asked her out. This was actually a date. Max was picking her up at six o’clock sharp for reservations at one of the fine restaurants downtown. Every time they would see one another fireworks went off. This was three years ago when they had wedding fireworks.

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My Textbook Travesty

Did you know that by forcing colleges to charge you an arm and a leg for your college textbooks, the fat cat textbook lobby is churning out a tidy profit? Thanks to the time I lost my college textbooks, I now know how much simpler it is to just buy them off of the internet. Lacking any duplicate books, I set out to the school store in search of a replacement. They had the gall to try and charge me over one thousand dollars per replacement book! The reason for this outlandish price, is that many college attendees are either paying on credit, or from their parent’s bank account, making them unwilling to fight for a better price. Undaunted, I resumed my textbook search online. In the end, I discovered that you can find practically any textbook that your curriculum may require, at a fraction of the school’s inflated price.

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